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What is CAD?

Courage After Dark is a branch of Courage Publishing that specializes in fiction—mainly sci-fi and fantasy. We are looking for works that display some inspiration or change to humanity for your characters, and CAD novels are encouraged to take greater creative risks and push the boundaries of comfort for their readers.

We are pleased to announce that the first author being published through CAD is first-time author John P. Wallman with his debut The Dark Matter Series. The first of which, The Dark Stirs, was published in June 2022, and we anxiously await the arrival of the second part of the series, The Dark Gambit.

If you have works that you think we'd love, please submit them to the link below. We are accepting submissions through Courage After Dark and our nonfiction branch, Courage Publishing.

Who's On Deck?


John P. Wallman is an author based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He and his wife enjoy playing tennis when the weather is nice, visiting family around the Eastern Seaboard and across the pond, and spoiling their grandchildren.

John is a first-time author, having published The Dark Stirs in June 2022. He is working on the second novel in his Dark Matter Series, The Dark Gambit, and subsequent novel, The Dark Harvest.

You can find him on all major platforms or his website, where he has detailed information about The Dark Matter Series and his satellite stories from the Dark Matter universe. You can even get a taste of his work by reading his Vella story The Long Shadow of Rising Night.

John is an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader. He gains much of his inspiration from other vampire novelists, like Anne Rice. Early on, he knew writing was a passion and started some of his earliest works when he was just ten years old.

Currently, The Dark Matter Series is a project that is over a decade in the making, and he's excited to share it with his future readers and vampire aficionados!

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What's New?

A night out turns deadly when Angelique Carlson crosses paths with a deluded maniac roaming the streets of Baltimore, but this is no ordinary killer. Helpless in the monster’s arms, an unlikely savior appears to her rescue: John Wilkins, a bland and unaspiring man.


Brought together by that ill-fated night, the two forge a relationship moored in opposing realities—mundane life or a world darker and deeper than any could imagine. While John’s stability is enough for Angelique at first, her slow descent into the dark may be enough to rip their fragile relationship apart. After all, life goes on… until it doesn’t.


Pulled down the path of darkness, Angelique follows the one thing she knows for sure:

“His name is Anders Saffenssen, and he is a vampire.”


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