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Why you should always have backup

How to take your BIG ideas and be successful with them: The coach's guide to making everyone happier.

Life is better with friends. People in your life supporting you, cherishing you, uplifting you and your ideas to the next level of awesomeness. As a social species, humans are designed to work best with help from others, but when we go for the big stuff, things start to fall short.

Everyone needs help. Everyone needs someone to sit down with them to celebrate their best victories and to comfort them through their worst mistakes.

Absolutely. Everyone.

There are no exceptions here.

And that brings me to why coaching is such a vital resource for people. When we go for any major accomplishment, the thing that stops most of us from succeeding is a fear of failure. When you bring in a coach — someone that has all of the knowledge, drive, power, and connections that you need for your desired career path — you open doors that never existed for you before, and you drastically reduce your chances of falling on your face.

I'm sure several of you are coming in and thinking about the money you can't afford to use on a coach, and my nod to you is that if you cannot afford a professional, then you cannot afford to succeed. Would you rather be struggling and unhappy for the rest of your life or take a risk and leap into the amazing unknown and potentially never have to worry about your money or happiness again?

Now, you may ask why you couldn't just go out and ask your best friend, mom, cousin, neighbor, person you just met yesterday to help you achieve the same accountability that a coach can. Unless they are an expert in the field you're looking to get into, it won't be the same.

"A paved road is comfortable to walk upon, but no flowers grow there." ~Vincent Van Gogh

With a coach, or any PAID professional you hire to help you move through the steps to accomplishing your goals, you get the background, experience working with a professional in the field that knows every potential avenue to take, and are provided with someone that has a schedule built around you and the help you need to get to your end game.

They are truly a vital thing.

So, if you have a dream, wish, goal, or drive to do something absolutely amazing with your life, then sit down and get serious about what you need to do to move forward smoothly and have lifetime success without overdue stress.

Here's to finding the right professional for you!

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