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Need a more hands on approach when it comes to getting your book ready for querying and publishing? Courage is excited to announce the arrival of a publishing consultation package that is sure to help you and your book become the best it can be. The package includes query writing and consultation, agent research, marketing and publishing classes, editing, and so much more. Each package is individuated to the author based on your book's specific needs and author goals. Let us help you take you book to the next level and book a free introductory call to express your needs and see if Courage is right for you!


It was a spur of the moment decision at the beginning of 2023 which led us on a journey to consulting. As a coach, I love working with clients and fostering the growth of budding authors and fantastic literature. Much of my work in coaching involves the foundations of writing and the craft of becoming an author. There are things I can do for books as they near querying and publishing, but much of coaching is about the set-up of a book, not the "take down."

Enter consulting. I wanted authors to have a space to work with the Courage team where they could gain the information they needed after they had a fully drafted book. It was important to me to set authors up for success regardless of the stage of writing and publish they were in, and that happened to come out of a more in depth form of coaching. You get the same support you had from the beginning of your journey and carry it forward with work in query writing, agent research and communication, and setting yourself up with knowledge and actionable steps to looking and feeling like a professional in the writing industry worthy of other professional attention.

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