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Lexi Mohney is a published author of Carnal Knowledge: The Adoration of a Dangerous Woman and the Death of a Dream, which won an award at the 7th Annual Bisexual Book Awards. She's also the founder of Trust in Timing coaching and Courage Publishing. As an extension of her coaching, her Facebook group, Fiction Writers, has become a resource for many aspiring authors and professionals.

Lexi is a Michigan native, raised in the Ann Arbor area. Always the creative type, she graduated from Western State Colorado University and spent the subsequent years traveling the world.

After settling down from her travels, she decided to take the time needed to explore her love of writing. Embarking on a cross country road trip that would yield the fruits of her first novel, Carnal Knowledge: The Adoration of a Dangerous Woman and the Death of a Dream, she took to publishing and began work on The Soul Hunter Series, Seven Isle, and a nonfiction work called Bipolar Relations.


Lexi currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI where she spends her time writing and coaching and investing in the local writing community. You can reach her at any one of the social media links in the contact section below.


Creative Conversations with Roger Humphrey Podcast

These Michiganders settle in and enjoy a warm conversation about publishing, ethics, the writing industry, and Lexi's story of what brought her to her current place in the community as an author and publisher.

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Your First Novel Masterclass

This is a virtual event hosted by Karmen Lizzul. She interviews authors and industry professionals to gain insight on the intricacies of the publishing industry so that new writers can feel secure as they move forward with their first novels.


The Writing Brave Summit

This virtual event hosted by Brooke Adams Law was a treat. Each speaker had the privilege of showcasing their knowledge and skills when it comes to writing and connecting, and the evidence was clear in this week-long event.

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My Fellow Human Podcast

Join us as we delve into Lexi's journey in the world of writing and her unique philosophies on the art of book publishing. We'll unravel the distinctions between self-publishing and the traditional publishing route, shedding light on how authors can bring their stories to life.


The feedback Lexi gave me for my fiction manuscript was prompt, thorough, and valuable.

Don Bisdorf / Author / City of Crystal

Lexi is very passionate about writing and helping others achieve their dreams.

Shetan Noir / Author / Sea Monsters of the Great Lakes

Lexi Mohney has been such a great help with me as far as advice for learning the ways of finding things like a agent, or editor. I have to say she explains things very well, both on her videos as well as her messages through PM. I love every moment of her guidance!

BJ Irish / Author / Report & Investigate Series

...I truly appreciate her advice! Lexi is very generous with her time.

Dale Buckman / Aspiring Author

Lexi is an incredible writer. Not only has she written her own great books, but she is also an incredible coach to others on the writing journey. Thank You Lexi

Sapphire Geer / Aspiring Author

Contact for Help or More Information

​Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Tel: 810-309-8060


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