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Survive: A Memoir

Sapphire Geer's debut comes in with this thrilling recount of her time in the Yukon wilderness when she was the only thing that stood between her family surviving the harsh winter or starving to death. The dangerous journey she and her brother set off to face will leave readers celebrating the triumphs of these two children as they overcome every obstacle.


This tale highlights the true grit and courage it takes to not only live, but thrive, especially when it seems like every odd is stacked against you. Survive will leave you wishing there was a book two just so you can learn more about Sapphire's amazing life.

Survive is available in paperback and ebook on our webstore and at Amazon and the Google Play Store.

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Sapphire Geer is the author of Survive and current resident of Spokane, WA. Her husband, three sons, and dog "Shrek" are the lights of her life. After many years, she is finally able to speak and write about her experiences in a way that she can only hope will inspire others to speak out about their traumatic pasts and find healing.

She continues to creatively write and talk about the stories of her past in hopes of continuing to encourage her readers to find their voice. In addition, she dedicates her story to her readers and promises that, even in their darkest days, they are capable of coming out on the other side with strength and courage.

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The Dark Stirs

Book One of The Dark Matter Series

A night out turns deadly when Angelique Carlson crosses paths with a deluded maniac roaming the streets of Baltimore, but this is no ordinary killer. Helpless in the monster’s arms, an unlikely savior appears to her rescue: John Wilkins, a bland and unaspiring man.


Brought together by that ill-fated night, the two forge a relationship moored in opposing realities—mundane life or a world darker and deeper than any could imagine. While John’s stability is enough for Angelique at first, her slow descent into the dark may be enough to rip their fragile relationship apart. After all, life goes on… until it doesn’t.


Pulled down the path of darkness, Angelique follows the one thing she knows for sure: “His name is Anders Saffenssen, and he is a vampire.”

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About the Author

John P. Wallman

John P. Wallman’s debut novel explores how lives, entangled by tragedy, fall apart but never truly separate—and how that tragedy exposes sinister and holy forces operating behind human reality. The Dark Stirs is the first book of The Dark Matter Series.


Book Two

The Dark Gambit

Coming 2023


Book Three

The Dark Harvest

Coming Soon!


Book Four

The Dark Angel

Coming Soon!

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