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Want to see if coaching is right for you before you commit to anything? Book a free consultation with Lexi to test the waters and gain powerful advice and insights into your writing and publishing journey moving forward.

Query Coaching


Have a book that's ready for publishing but unsure of how to attract an agent? We'd like to help you craft the perfect query letter for your ideal agents with resources to help you further your writing career and realize your authorship.

Cover Design


The nice thing about creativity is that it comes in all colors and shapes. And everyone on the Courage team was an artist before entering the publishing world. We would like to bring those skills and talents to your book cover.

Developmental Edit

$0.018 per word

What's in a plot-hole? It can be as simple as a car turning from blue to red or an unsolved mystery that last throughout the book. Regardless of your manuscript, we want to help by bringing another set of eyes to your words.

Publishing Class


What is the correct way to publish? The answer is yet to be determined. What we can say is having insider information on publishing and a connection to the writing industry does take the stress and fear away. Find your path in Publishing Class.



With accountability, our goal is to keep you on track and achieving what you set out to accomplish. We offer check-ins at a pace that is comfortable for you with milestones you create for yourself. And if you don't make your goal, we help you with more attainable next steps.

Interior Formatting


Need a quick formatting turnaround to make your publishing deadline? We can help. With out book formatting software, we can create a polished, professional book interior in 24 hours. Includes files for all major publishing platforms.


$0.008 per word

What's in a polished manuscript? Lot's of time and effort. If your manuscript has passed a dozen readers and seen many red pens, proofing is the editing finish line. You need a pristine manuscript, and we're here to give it to you!

Marketing Training


How do you sell to more than just your family and friends? This is the modern author's greatest obstacle. With training and guidance, marketing can be a breeze. Gain audience building skills, social media training, and more!

Author Package


Do you have a story in you that's dying to come out? We want to provide our authors with the best care imaginable, which is why we developed a program to take writers from idea to published book with support, compassion & ease.

Hourly Coaching


Do you want coaching but want to keep it on your terms and timeline? Freestyle coaching by the hour was created to help writers uncover their path to authorship while keeping their schedules and wallets in mind. Book your coaching when you need it with this flexible option.

Laser Coaching


Have a limited budget and a bright idea? By stepping into laser coaching, you are able to hone in on your goals and establish a plan to keep you on track. Use your sessions how you need them and see your authorship dreams come to fruition.


$0.012 per word

Have you had more than one pair of eyes on your book? Perhaps even slipped a beta reader in? With copyediting (line editing), we're looking to catch those stray commas, delete the duplicate words, and establish Chicago Style.

Mini-Book Class


Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of crafting a novel-length book? We understand a busy schedule and current market trends, and we believe short reads are the perfect fix for everyone. Craft your book in a few short months.



Have a book idea and no time to write it? With Ghostwriting, we can help you maximize your time and energy and give you a finished, polished, ready to publish manuscript.

Our Commitment

Trust in Timing offers a wide variety of coaching services. Whether you're struggling with marketing and querying or simply putting your amazing ideas down on paper, we have everything you need to help you move forward in your writing career. Give us a call today, or book a consultation to go over your needs and figure out a plan that works best for you!

All coaching plans vary in price and are based on the amount of work and face time required to help you achieve your goals as an author. As your coach, Trust in Timing is committed to:


  1. Putting in as much work, time and effort that you do. Our goal is to meet your desired deadline, but that will require commitment which we are devoted to so long as you’re showing up with the same.

  2. Being here for you. If you find you’re having doubts, fears, or obstacles/roadblocks of any kind, please communicate anything and everything with us. We want to ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely manner to keep productivity and comfort as high priorities in our partnership.

  3. Being one of your biggest supporters because we want to see you succeed and achieve your goals and dreams. We believe in your abilities and have dedicated ourselves to helping you move forward into your dream life. It will require some amount of growth and change, but we will never leave you or stop helping you because you’re becoming a new you.

  4. Walking into all new partnerships requires an immense degree of openness. Expect to build bonds and friendships throughout your coaching program. We have many connections for you and want to be sure you’re keeping an open mind to everything this experience has in store for you.

Courage Publishing offers payment plans for services. Ask the team for ore information and start your journey to a completed and published book today!

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