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What is Ethical Publishing?

Here at Courage Publishing, we believe that every author should be treated with the respect they deserve as creative, hard-working people. Our goal is to provide each author with services that directly correlate to the work they submit. No more waiting ages to know whether or not your piece has been accepted (or possibly never hearing at all). The antiquated system has got to go, and we're here to help!

Ethical publishing is a system designed by our founder, Lexi Mohney. Through her time as a coach and author herself, she realized that there was a better way to work through the entire writing and submissions process that provided fast answers and less hassle for the author.

It works like this: An aspiring or previously published author (or agent) brings their manuscript to Courage Publishing. They answer a quick series of questions about their piece on our submissions page helping us get to know their work, as well as a short writing sample of no more than 5,000 words.


No more query letters!

Once the submission is in, you should hear back from us whether or not we think your piece is either A. a good fit for Courage Publishing; or B. may need some polishing that we could help you work through with some coaching. If you submit without a pre-established platform for marketing, we may also discuss the possibility of hybrid publishing.

At Courage Publishing, we know the difficulties of trying to get your work published, and we want you to know that we hope to do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please fill out a contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Happy Writing!

Lexi Mohney

Lexi Mohney

First, if you've made it to the publishing stage of your writing journey, I'd like to congratulate you. Not many people can claim to finishing three chapters, let alone a full manuscript that has been edited by your peers and strangers alike. On top of that, the sheer courage it took to hand it off to trusted beta readers and all that it took to work through their advice and critiques of your piece.

That is amazing, and I tip my hat to you.

If you are currently reading this thinking,

"Well, no one else has read this manuscript..."

"I couldn't even bring myself to give it to my best friend, let alone a stranger!"

"My work is perfect and no one needs to read it besides the agents and publishers I'm submitting to."


"I needed to write more than one draft of this?"

Well, I have news for you! All creative people need feedback. It helps you grow in your craft to become a more professional writer, artist, designer, etc. It is imperative that you ask for the feedback of your peers before submitting to agents or publishing companies. No matter what.

We advise you to go through at least three full draft edits before submitting to a professional for publication. It will save you the heartache of potential rejection, and it will help you catch simple mistakes that could save you money when your manuscript finally goes to a professional editor.

We appreciate the work you put in ahead of time to help us get your pieces published and out into the world sooner!

The Courage Publishing Team

No Matter Which Form of Publishing You Choose

You should know that Courage is here for you. We care about our authors and their personal success, not just the success of us and our company. We believe that is what sets us apart from traditional publishing companies and vanity publishers. All that we ask of you is that you take a moment to think about your work. How does it feel to have a completed manuscript? How is it going to feel when you're published and can officially add the word "Author" to your resume? And most important of all, what kind of impact is your work going to have on the people who pick it up and read it? Above all things, Courage is in the business of quality words that resonate with readers in some way. Consider this as you move into the submission process.

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