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An Extrovert's Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

5 Simple Ideas For Maintaining A Deeper Connection With Family And Friends

"Extrovert Guide to Holidays Alone" Illustration by Clementine Willowilde

For us tried and true extroverts being the life of the party is in fact our life energy. Where we used to thrive, we now fumble and fall with the only company we have, ourselves. This holiday season, of course, might seem like the worst time of year instead of the best with the virus lurking. As our introvert fellows nestle into their couches and beds, free of any distractions, we extroverts suddenly feel hollow staring down the hallway of the holiday season absent of family and friends.

Though I am far from being good at long distance socializing, I have picked up a few tricks that may help us all this holiday.

Going virtual is the obvious replacement for our in-person gatherings, but what else is there that we could be doing to connect deeper and more joyously with our friends and family? I’ve got five simple ideas that might help you if you’re feeling sad and lonely this holiday season.

1. Create a Watch Party. This could be as simple as finding a show and scheduling a time to watch it with your distanced folks. Netflix and Hulu now offer watch party options so that you can watch TV together even when you are far apart.

2. Share recipes. Even though you are apart you can still be in the kitchen at the same time and it might be fun to experiment while on Zoom. You can also send your treats through the mail to have the person far away try them. As we know, recipes outlive us - great great grandma's cornbread stuffing recipe makes an appearance at least once every year since she died!

3. Do a morning meditation or work out together. Since almost all fitness classes have moved online you can now join your friends and make sure that you’re getting fit instead of loafing around. Go to a favorite class or try out a new one together! You can share goals and keep each other accountable.

4. Champion a cause. Being a spokesperson for something that is close to your heart will put you in the eye of the action, supporting something that you love. You may need to reach out to people as an advocate for the cause and to garner support from others. It can be a good use of time and helps to build up your social network while making the world better!

5. Host a Zoom game night. Marie Claire, the magazine, curated a bunch of Zoom game ideas in the article "21 Fun Zoom Games to Play With Friends and Family" and they sound amazing! Additionally, a ton of game creators are marketing their newborn Zoom games on Etsy. You can find titles like "Zoom Murder Mystery," "Virtual Happy Hour Trivia," "Jeopardy," "Lucky Draw," and "Quarantine Squares." It's nice to know that game night doesn't have to end just because we can't gather around a table and move objects on a board.

Hope this little guide helps you make it through your holidays with a little more pep in your step and a whole lotta love in your heart!


About the writer:

Clementine Willowilde is an Artist and Marketing Director for Courage Publishing. She spends her time pursuing projects that encourage creativity and artistic skill, with an end goal of growing the Arts Community online. You can find more about her and her artwork at

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