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Being Grateful For the Help of Others

As most writers know, writing can be a very lonely task. We sit behind our computers or on the couch with our laptops and hope that our fingers will fly across the keys. Or maybe you are old-fashioned and prefer the clickety-clack of a typewriter, like Wednesday Addams.

However or whenever you write, it is important to remember that you are never in this alone.

With the birth of the internet, we are now more connected than ever. We can join and interact with online groups and forums for any topic under the sun. Writers are communicating and sharing their journeys together and if you aren't a part of it, you should be. You might find a new group of people who understand the struggles of writing, and have words of wisdom to help you through it too.

While the internet is great for a lot of things, it is also important to find and create a support system in your every day life. If you are like me, not a lot of people in my life discuss writing on a regular basis, so finding anyone to help can be difficult—but not impossible.

What are some ways you can ask the people in your life to help you along your writing journey? If you are comfortable sharing your work with friends or family, ask them to read it! Run plots or ideas by them, even if it is just to help you settle things in your own mind. Find some beta readers in your life whose opinions would help you develop your story or help you find mistakes.

No matter how you go about involving the people in your life into your work, find a support system that works for you. No great feat is ever accomplished alone and there is strength in asking for help from others.

And find an editor. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that we all want to put our best foot forward. In order to do that, you must have someone experienced in editing run through your manuscript. Improving the quality of your work is just as important as finding support for it, and an editor will help you do that. Editors help writers keep a consistent writing style, improve grammar and syntax, finesse ideas, and so much more. Who knows, maybe you will find an editor in the community you seek.

Our writing community is vast and full of wisdom and we are so happy to be a part of it. Thank you to our community members who answered this month's Instagram post. We loved hearing about how you motivate yourself to write and want to highlight your responses below.

Elizabeth says, "When inspiration strikes, I like to just run with it. Find things in your life that you can do that spark creativity."

Take yourself out on a creative date, eat a different cuisine, journey to a place you have always wanted to see. And bring any member of your support system too, memories are made more fun when enjoyed together!

Sometimes the best ideas are sparked when you are out living life and not sitting inside brainstorming.

Lazarus says, "What motivates me to write? Ideas that won't let me go until they're on the page. And even after publication, they hang on. Telling impactful stories that explore ideas and situations relevant to human life. I'm out to challenge readers by immersing them in unfamiliar yet familiar worlds that speak to contemporary concerns. And have no illusions: writing is hard, but that shouldn't stop you. The best advice I ever learned is to DO IT. If you have a story or idea that won't stop pounding at the inside of your head, set out to write it, and you'll be surprised at what you create."

The only way to write a novel is to sit down and write. We are so grateful for the sage advice from our awesome community at Courage Publishing and for the community itself.

We hope you all had a great NaNoWriMo and were able to complete the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of November.

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Breanna Bartels is a creative exploring all her new interests in life. She is an avid book lover and a photographer and videographer with her own company, Breanna Bartels Creative Studio.

In the spaces between art and work, she is venturing into writing. She prefers a used book to a new one and has fanatical plans to own a used bookstore one day. When she isn't home attempting some new venture, she enjoys camping and hiking with her husband, Danny, and their two dogs. Reach out to her for creative opportunities or to discuss a good book!

You can find her many projects here.

Follow her and her many creative endeavors on Instagram or Facebook.

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