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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

When You Can't Do Much More Than Wait for Things to Pass, People to Make Decisions, and Life to Fall into Place

Is life getting in the way—telling you to stop or slow down—but your brain and body just keep pushing? Even though it's really you against a brick wall at this point.

Surrendering has been the topic of the past month, it seems. I'm not sure if any of you have felt it recently, but certainly, at some point in the past, you have felt the immense weight of the world falling on you no matter how hard you try to move. And really, it's only because you're trying to move against it.

This subject, rather, this ideal, came to me while I was at yoga a few weeks back. It hit me like a brick from the sky, and I couldn't have been more grateful for the insight because I had been running up against a wall and not getting very far with my own work.

The bummer about wanting something so bad—being so invested in the outcome and the plan—is that you are usually too close to it to see that you are hitting a dead end. Either the solution is out of your hands, or the plan is supposed to zig while you're zagging. Whatever it is, we have all been there.

And the most frustrating part is that it's usually so stupidly simple to resolve. Just surrender to the fact that you can't go any further with the way things are.

Surrender to the fact that you can't go any further with the way things are.

This concept relates to writing, and your dreams in general, in two ways. When we write something, we often may find ourselves writing things that will eventually have to be rewritten or removed from the book entirely because they don't go with the flow, or when we are actually ready to send our books to agents, we can't bring ourselves to submit because there's that one little piece that still needs to be changed or fixed or updated.

It's a bear to go up against our own minds, really.

So, the next time you find yourself facing a bunch of road blocks, or so frustrated that you could combust at any moment, think about the last time you let it all go and notice what happens.

You might be surprised to find yourself living easy and things that have been taking forever to happen are suddenly wrapping themselves up like presents and landing at your door.

Either way, take the chance to breathe and release and I'm sure you'll find life a little easier to manage.


Lexi Mohney is an award-winning, self published author and a book coach living in Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout her writing and coaching career, she's lived by the motto of courage, and worked with her own coaches, groups, and support system to see her Big Audacious Dreams come true so that she can help others achieve success, too. Her first published piece, Carnal Knowledge, won an award at the 7th Annual Bisexual Book Awards in NYC on June 1, 2019. She is in the process of querying agents for her latest novel, Soulkind, which is the first in the Soul Hunter Series. Contact her through her website or find her on social media with any questions.

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