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Topping Off Your Own Energetic Well

What does it mean to be in the flow and find your own resources?

I don't know about you, but the past couple of months for me have been weird. There has been this huge ebb and flow of energy.

On one hand, I have all of these people I love and care about (and some new folks, as well) coming into my life to keep me company and inspire me. On the other, I am seeing people that I love and care about vanish completely from my life.

What's been interesting about all of this is noticing the ways in which it has affected me. I'd be lying if I said the losses don't matter because they do. But what they mean—and what they free up for me—weren't obvious when I first noticed they were happening.

First, I'd like to say I am an introvert that can fill my energy cup with very specific interactions with others. It has to be people I love and care about, strangers won't cut it. Because of this, I've found myself in a drought. The creative fruits just aren't juicy enough to sustain long term endeavors.

I have been in a creative block for too long.

Here's the thing: I don't have to rely on my loved ones to give me the interactions I need to fill my cup. There are plenty of other resources that I can tap into. The well is not dry if I know where to look.

For me, nothing beats meditation. I find the more grounded I feel, the more capable I am in accomplishing tasks.

When searching for your own resources, consider the ways you want to feel and what other things and activities help you achieve those feelings. You'll be on your way to getting things done in no time!

So, regardless of the ways you tap off your energy reserves, be sure to notice where you're struggling and do what you need to in order to take care of yourself!


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Lexi Mohney is a human being working on bettering her life and the lives of other human beings, too. There is no better time than the present to make a connection or two and share in what it means to be a part of this global community and foster hope in every way we can. Here's to a more united future for us all. Professionally, Lexi is an award-winning author, a book coach who has taken her clients to the bestseller list, and a publisher. You can find her work in the shop or on Please reach out to her with any questions you have about writing or the publishing world. She would love to hear from you!

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