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Why You Don't Have Enough Time

It's the age-old problem, there isn't enough time in the day—but what if there actually is?

I've heard it a thousand times and I'll probably hear it a million more. The common belief is that there just are not enough hours in a day.

Ironically, our days unfold based on mental capacity and priority. This is why procrastination seems to work so well for some people. The time crunch bumps projects up in priority level, and they end up getting done.

What if I told you that you actually didn't need to stress yourself out last minute in order to get things done?

Regardless of priority—or your perception of urgency around this particular task—there is always time. You make time to go to the bathroom when it springs up, don't you?

So, the reason we can add more into our days is because we are flexible. Unforeseen things happen to us all the time. It may be inconvenient, but at the end of the day, the inconveniences that we encounter happen to be a blip in the radar. What's more, we can actually utilize our own flexibility to work towards bigger things and creative endeavors we've been putting off for too long.

Here's how it works: Think about all of the time throughout your day that is devoted to "other" things. I'm talking phone time, driving from A to B, watching TV, basically anything you're doing in lieu of doing the thing you "should be" doing. Now, imagine that you took even the smallest amount of time from those things and started doing something else that is fun and miscellaneous, as well.

I'm talking a ten or fifteen minute block, here. Nothing ridiculous, absolutely manageable. You could allocate time like that to your goals and dreams, right?

That's what I thought. You can!

Say you're driving. Seems inconvenient to start writing in that very moment, right? Well, what if you turned on your voice recorder on your phone and started talking through some of your plot ideas? Just a little bit of your drive and you've already talked through a major plothole in your book that you can eventually come back to and transcribe later.

Or what about those blocs of time you spend scrolling through your phone? What if instead of your favorite sites, you opened up and started talk-to-texting your book to be organized later?

All I'm saying is that there are ways to accomplish the thing that we've deemed unworthy of spending some of our days on because of "priority". But if it's your life goal and you only have this one life to accomplish it, shouldn't it have a little more presence?

I hope you all start prioritizing your goals and accomplishing what you never have before!


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Lexi Mohney is a human being working on bettering her life and the lives of other human beings, too. There is no better time than the present to make a connection or two and share in what it means to be a part of this global community and foster hope in every way we can. Here's to a more united future for us all. On professional terms, Lexi is an award-winning author, a book coach who has taken her clients to the bestseller list, and a publisher. You can find her work in the shop or on Please reach out to her with any questions you have about writing or the publishing world. She would love to hear from you!

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