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"With that thought, the sharp clarity that we were going to die stamped itself into my brain."

Sapphire wants nothing more than to survive. Everything in her body aches, she's barely eaten anything in days, she doesn't even know the time or date.

But more than that, she wants her brother to wake up. He's too still and it's too cold out. Sapphire screams. Even if he can't hear, she punches his chest and releases her fury towards God and this frozen wasteland on her brother's frozen form. 

Sure, she wants to survive, but not by herself. Not like this.


Sapphire Geer's debut comes in with this thrilling recount of her time in the Yukon wilderness when she was the only thing that stood between her family surviving the harsh winter or starving to death. The dangerous journey she and her brother set off to face will leave readers celebrating the triumphs of these two children as they overcome every obstacle.


This tale highlights the true grit and courage it takes to not only live, but thrive, especially when it seems every odd is stacked against you. Survive will leave you wishing there was a book two just so you could learn more about Sapphire's amazing life.


Religious upbringing
True Story
Winter Wilderness
Strong Female Lead
Survival Stories
Disabled Children
Dysfunctional family


ISBN: 978-1-7322198-2-3

Survive: A Memoir (Paperback)

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