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The Motivation Bandwagon

Why having the energy to move forward can be just as important as the action that gets you where you want to go

Why does motivation move you? Well, I can say that it has to do with a few different factors. First, we are heading towards something that resonates with us and feeds our purpose. Second, we are passionate about the thing we want to move toward.

The problem really comes from a lack of motivation. We are so caught up in the things we want that the things we don't want often get pushed to the wayside. This can even get in the way of the bigger goals and dreams we have for ourselves. If a step on the path involves something "difficult" many people simply quit because they don't actually want to build up the motivation to get over it.

The benefits of being motivated are innumerable, but the most obvious ones I'm sure you'll recognize: Doing dishes or chores of any kind, paying bills, putting on gym clothes and actually doing your workout, making dinner, emailing your boss, visiting a friend you've been planning on visiting but "haven't found the time for it, yet". You name it, the lack of motivation has probably been there to keep you procrastinating or distracted from the goal.

What we don't realize is how much better we'd feel if we could actually mark all of these little things off our list as soon as they show up. Suddenly, you have a dresser full of clean work clothes, you had a nice lunch with your mom or grandma, the kids are seeing you working out and want to join in, or you've overcome the fear and done the thing you've been putting off for far too long.

Motivation can do a lot for us, but mostly, it helps us get things done!

There are many different motivational things out there to help you pave the way to productivity through motivation. Some of my favorites include Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule that illustrates how you can talk yourself into anything in just 5 seconds. I personally live by the motto "six seconds of insane courage", which is essentially the same thing and convinces you to take a leap in six seconds or less to achieve your goals and start making good decisions.

Another motivator that I've come across more recently is something called the Power Hour. It's taught by Belinda Ellsworth and the way I understand it is to utilize four segments of 15 minutes to power through four specific tasks of the day without getting distracted or trying to multitask it. It works because it utilizes focus and often gives you the push you need to take it a step further and go for longer bouts of time.

The Power Hour is especially important when you think about all of the history-making things that have occurred within 15 minutes. Most famously, Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech was only 15 minutes long, and that is one of the most profound and impactful speeches ever given.

So, the question becomes: How can you use your own motivation to inspire others?

This brings us back to the point of why people are motivated in the first place. With purpose or passion, you can usually get people involved with anything. On top of that, once you build a community around these motivating factors, people often have an easier time of sticking around and seeing the goal through.

Some activities you can use to motivate people could be anything from starting a fitness class to joining a church group to even starting a company that feeds a common interest. Whatever you do, if it's something you feel drawn to, likely, others will look to join your cause, too.

And the real question is here: How do you motivate yourself?

I personally love the idea of manifesting. Whenever I think about all of the big things my little actions now are going to have on the future, I can't help but keep going. I've found a purpose to stay motivated. You can do the same thing. Helping people is often a huge motivator for people, so it's easy to find a driving force and fulfillment. Whatever you do, have fun with it, and you won't even realize things are happening for you.


Lexi Mohney is a self published author and a book coach living in Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout her writing and coaching career, she's lived by the motto of courage and worked with her own coaches, groups, and support system to see her Big Audacious Dreams come true so she can help others achieve success, too. Her first published piece is a finalist in the 7th Annual Bisexual Book Awards, and she is in the process of querying agents for her latest novel, Soulkind, which is the first in the Soul Hunter Series. For any and all questions pertaining to her work, contact her through her website or find her on social media.

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