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Book Coaching & Why It's Important

Ever wondered if you need a coach? Here's an Author and Coach's perspective!

I'll admit, when I first wrote and published, I knew I could do it on my own. Of course, I wasn't foolish enough to try editing it by myself (I was wayyyy too close to my book for that), but I knew enough about every other aspect of building authorship that I was confident in my ability to achieve what I wanted to on my own.

Man, I was wrong.

There are always unforeseen obstacles on the road to our goals. I didn't realize how hard marketing and building a platform online was. I was so wrapped up in the relief of having finally published that I rested on my laurels when in reality, post-publishing marketing is some of the most important marketing you can do. It's what makes or breaks the success of your book.

Not only was I mired in the belief that the book would take care of itself once it was published, but I also had no idea what I needed to do next.

Luckily, I found a coach who wanted to help me (right place, right time).

Now, I was over six months post-published by the time I hired my coach. What finally sold me about working with her was that I wasn't getting the sales I wanted and I knew I wanted to become a successful author. It only made sense that I start working with someone who could get me to that place.

My coach had already achieved "best-seller" status where I hadn't. She was influential and had connections to people in the industry that I didn't. I was so wrapped up in my "Do It Yourself" attitude that I barely had any connections in the writing industry at all.

But connections are everything!

How many times have you heard the phrase, "It's not what you know but who you know?"

For me, this saying rang true and still does today. I needed someone who not only knew things I didn't know, but I needed my coach to introduce me to people I would never have met without her. I needed that first step in building the right kind of network. A network she graciously shared with me and let me become a member of.

But more than that, I needed someone who would push me beyond what I imagined was even possible. Not only did I win a book award under the direction of my coach, but she also pushed me to begin coaching authors myself. Eventually, she would be the very reason I decided to take a leap and start Courage Publishing.

Regardless of what stage of the writing process you're in, having an unconditional supporter who has your back is crucial to your success in whatever you're aiming at. So, consider a coach to help you to the finish line.


For more quick writing tips, follow Lexi on Instagram! We are also hosting interview opportunities for published and aspiring authors on Courage's Instagram. If you're interested in chatting with Lexi about your work, please send us a message!


Lexi Mohney is a human being working on bettering her life and the lives of other human beings, too. There is no better time than the present to make a connection or two and share in what it means to be a part of this global community and foster hope in every way we can. Here's to a more united future for us all. Professionally, Lexi is an award-winning author, a book coach who has taken her clients to the bestseller list, and a publisher. You can find her work in the shop or on Please reach out to her with any questions you have about writing or the publishing world. She would love to hear from you!

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