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When It's Time to Rest

The importance of knowing when to rest, especially when you're thinking about quitting

As someone who could be consider ballsy or a go-getter, a little R&R often doesn't come intuitively to me. I can tell when I have burned myself out. I usually crash for a few days to weeks and barely pick anything up until it's all forced back upon me.

This cycle isn't the healthiest, but I know that it would all work out more smoothly if I actually took a break in the midst of working every once in a while.

Here's the thing about resting: It means you know how to handle your own self care.

And that's important.

People who notice their productivity slipping, or the process going from fun to work, more often than not, just need a break.

And this is true for everybody. People from all walks of life have experienced this drain of energy at some point in their lives, and when you're living your dream life and working your dream career, that slump can feel out of place.

What's the deal? I love working here. This is everything I wanted. C'mon body, I need you to function!

And that does not mean that you're broken. It simply means that you are in need of some serious TLC.

Amazingly enough, people will actually push past these feelings for far longer than they should. When it gets down to it and you push past it far enough you can get to the point of loathing, and that's never a good place to be.

The reason being that when you're hateful, you start to become disinterested in continuing your projects and will eventually consider quitting.

And for people who are in a position to move forward into something amazing that is headed towards their dreams, that is the last thing you want to be thinking about.

For people who are new to taking breaks in the middle of projects, it's good to give yourself time each day to process and enjoy being. Usually, even lunch breaks can be full of happenings, so it's important to take the time to not think about work for a minute and do something mindless instead.

When it comes to self care, there are many activities you can do to help yourself calm down. Some of my favorites include:


-Taking a walk

-Being outside

-Creating art


-Taking a nap

There are many other things you can do, but if you're unsure of a place to start, these can at least help you move in the right direction.


Lexi Mohney is a self published author and a book coach living in Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout her writing and coaching career, she's lived by the motto of courage and worked with her own coaches, groups, and support system to see her Big Audacious Dreams come true so she can help others achieve success, too. Her first published piece is a finalist in the 7th Annual Bisexual Book Awards, and she is in the process of querying agents for her latest novel, Soulkind, which is the first in the Soul Hunter Series. For any and all questions pertaining to her work, contact her through her website or find her on social media.

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